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A reclaimed 32m Radio Telescope in the middle of the Lativan forests... brought to life over the past 10 years as the only radio telescope in the world that is dedicated to both science and art.

Presented on "Radio Astrophysics and Music" to visitors to the 10th anniversary of the facility.

Performed a specially written piece of electronic music that was derived, in part, from the double-quasar system PSR J0737 3039.

The output of the telescope is being transformed into music and streamed as part of an online radio station, aptly named radio "astronomy". This project, along with Makrolab, just won a UNESCO digital award.

Official website about the telescope
Radio Astronomy official website for the streaming radio station run from the telescope

Jodrell Bank streaming data at 150Gbps.


Around the VIRAC Radio Telescope in Irbene