DTV – TV dashboards as a service

Too much information; not enough time? Tune in to slow data.

Struggling to keep everyone in your team aware of what is happening and how your business is doing? Overwhelmed by (or overwhelming people with) too much e-mail and chat? Tired of newsletters and blogs that no one has time to read? Investors and stakeholders asking for continuous updates? Are clients wanting real-time project status? And, having invested in pretty dashboards, are you finding they turn data into wallpaper that no one sees any more?

How about using ambient information to enable your team tell their stories, with direct support?

Put your own TV channel on the wall of your office. Let anyone in your team tell any story. Turn dashboards into meaningful messages that people actually digest.

Here’s some examples — Women in STEM — Open Data Institute performance.


No new tech to learn: just spreadsheets and slides.
We do the dull bits: we help people gather the information, production training, putting everything into an auditable database, and even providing content production, curation and scheduling if you need.
You control distribution and messaging: put a screen in your office; a partner office; an investor; your office lobby.

  • We make it low risk
  • We focus on stories people want to read and bring data alive
  • We help you focus on what matters.

Slow data: it’s TV, but not as you know it

There are plenty of ‘dashboard’ companies out there that do amazing things with data. No integration required to use them. We use that old device, the TV, to help your business information flow in ways that people might absorb without having to think too much about it.

Email to discuss your needs.

What & how much?

We helped to create (from 1995) and commoditise the streaming media marketplace. We now bring this experience to today’s multi-screen world.

TV-as-a-service: £60/month
Set-up and training: Free if DIY, or for £500 we’ll

  • work with you to work out what information is useful to you (we have examples)
  • train people how to make one slide/sheet about what they are doing
  • agree how often you’d like to update things
  • agree how much we nudge and incentivise and help extract data and stories from you to make sure it’s useful

Production (free if DIY, or if you want us to tweak/edit/design/product/etc)

  • Text editing/graphic processing/adding photos/etc: £45/hour
    (est. 1-10 slides per hour depending on how much faffing)
  • Data integration (plugging into 3rd party systems like Xero, etc): £80/hour
  • Fees are identical if we’re helping/supporting/training your team to do these things