Knowledge base & publications

Open Life Framework

Created as part of a programme of work for an All Party Parliamentary Group in the UK. 

Vision: Enable consent-based, trust-enhancing and secure sharing of personal ‘health-relevant data’ from the private sector to improve and level up health and wellbeing.

BEIS — Smart Data — Consent & Liability

Two 50-page summaries of the context and applicability of Open Banking and Open Finance to the realms of Smart Data (downloads below)


Data-Driven: Canada’s Economic Opportunity [website / PDF]

Helping to lay the foundations for Open Banking in Canada.







Designing for people, not things

Laying the foundations for data infrastructure in the creation of cultural archives.








International review & benchmarking of Open Banking

Helping to lay the foundations for Open Banking in Canada.








Development of UK open banking

Summarising the history and evolution of Open Banking.







A delivery framework for the Sustainable Development Goals (a report for the UN)

At the request of the UN, an overview of how Constellations (multi-disciplinary, federated teams) could help deliver the SDGs.






Digital Commonwealth Initiative

At the request of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, an overview vision for a ‘digital commonwealth’.







Can government stop losing its mind?

Commissioned by NESTA, recommendations for maintaining institutional memory in government.