Thread #5 — Icebreaker One


“Nothing tends so much to the advancement of knowledge
as the application of a new instrument”

Sir Humphry Davy


This (mini) Thread, #5, goes out to over 350 people today.  (previous Threads #1 :: #2 :: #3 :: #4)

Constellation projects address collective action challenges, bringing together multi-disciplinary teams against a short deadline and a clear target.


We have set a deadline to present the outcomes from our first Constellation project (codename: Icebreaker One) in 56 days at the UNISDR Global Platform in Geneva.

Developing the blueprint for an Open Environmental Risk Standard

We need a better way of making our money work to keep things safe instead of paying for things once they have broken.

Our capacity to model increasingly complex, non-linear risks is not keeping pace with the frequency and severity of extreme weather events, and the uncertainties and pace of our global development.

Our challenge is to ask how might we combine the wealth of nations, machines and humans to unlock the $trillions required to create a resilient, low carbon economy.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the Web. We are in an unprecedented era: we have instrumented the world, connected billions of people, millions of companies and hundreds of countries with the web of data. Learning from open standards, such as the Open Banking Standard, we have the opportunity to unlock new, open marketplaces.

Our programme, codename Icebreaker One, combines expertise in policy, data and business innovation to harness the new tools and infrastructure now available to us, at scale.

How you can help:
  • we are looking for people interested in culture change, environment, resilience, data, policy, finance, insurance and risk modelling
  • to get involved, contact us with an area of interest & your potential time availability (e.g. an hour a fortnight)
  • feel free to share
  • follow progress with the  dedicated mailing list (weekly)
 For those with social media accounts, feel free to post:

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