BBC start multicasting

This is great news (the start of convergence at last):

“The BBC & ITV intend to test the technical possibilities of streaming more of their TV channels via broadband. We intend to Multicast these. This should result in a higher quality viewer experience. We are running this technical trial to seek some feedback about the quality and availability of these TV channels. Please check the two steps below to take part in the Multicasting trial.”

This has taken >10 years to accomplish (back in the early IWA days I pushed hard for ISPs and broadcasters to get involved, but it was way too early)

Another element of this, that is unique to the UK, is that this will probably be the precursor of the BBC making UK residents have a “TV license” if they have a broadband connection. At the moment you only need to have a license if you have a “TV tuner” (digital or analog).

Finally, they are supporting non-DRM’d video.