CI shortlisted for “Distributor of the Year”

Music Week Awards

CI (of which I’m a Director) has been shortlisted for the Music Week Award “Distributor of the Year”.

It’s a giant shift in perception that we’re even being considered, and certainly the fact we delivered ~20% of Amazon’s US download store is a catalyst.

CI’s digital distribution service model /has set/continues to set/ standards in how with digital products and web services can work together. CI takes no fees from retailers, and no % of sales (think “DHL for digital products”).

It’s mission is “enable access to markets” by providing easy routes for any rights-owner to distribute to any retailer (160 at last count, including iTunes, mobile operators, China, Korea, etc…). CI’s clients are all in the independent sector, and represent over 2 million tracks. We also have a rather good jukebox in our office.

To be listed up against Universal and EMI (and Pinnacle is one of CI’s clients) is indicative of the shift in the balance of “power” in the music industry.

Fingers crossed!