Constellation member overview


I created Dgen to bring together the amazing people I know into a federated international network that mirrors the new world of work.  A big part of that is making it easier to find and contract with the right expertise around the right project at the right moment.

I’m aiming to engage you in paid (or unpaid, if you are not allowed to be paid) work related to your availability and interests: whether an hour a year or 20 days in a month.

The Constellation Membership contract is a blend of a membership and a consulting contract, so that we can pre-agree Terms, and focus on just deliverables and fees if we engage on a specific programme.

By selecting ‘Pitchable’ on the Dgen constellation directory at, you agree to the Terms and Conditions in this contract.  If you don’t want to engage in this, that’s fine, you can choose to opt in or opt out while remaining a part of the Dgen Constellation.


I want to be able to include you in specific pitches, or on the Dgen website against a particular challenge, in order to bring the weight of the expertise across our group to the table.

You will not be included in any pitch without prior discussion and involvement in its creation. For example, I expect to tailor your biog/profile to any pitch we make.

For the website, I want to do things like this where Cynthia is a Dgen Constellation member.


I’ve written more about the background to this here:

In essence the model is a hybrid of agency, LLP, consultancy and development house.

It’s a bit like a movie studio where we work to write the script of the challenge we’ll address, get it funded, and deliver against a date.




If you’d like to comment or propose suggestions to this copy, a GDoc version of it is here