NAB – “Internet Broadcasting”

A major NAB presentation on “Internet Broadcasting” with CNN and ABC on the same session.

I thoroughly confused the audience by trying to describe the interconnectness of future media business models in a digital age.

Assisted by the fact that, since I was working at Virgin Net, I had nothing “flash to show (the other guys were showing clips from “ER”/etc) – I decided that to get everyone’s attention I’d use an old-fashioned overhead projector and write on it for my talk. It worked.

It was the peak of Apple’s “think different” campaign, and there was a 60ft poster of Richard Branson on the outside of the building I was presenting in. I’m sure it helped fill the room (about 2,000 people), but didn’t really help in any other way.

NAB is insane – there were 102,000 delegates that year.