Archive of early publications


2004-03-29BBC Charter Review feedback for WMF
2004-03-01“Primer” on Internet Broadcasting for VET
2004-02-28“EFF Response – Music Licensing”
(hublog feedback)
2004-02-20“To a scribe”
2003-12-02IMA Awards – Virgin Radio win
2003-01-01Broadcast Engineering Article
2002-04-01Streaming Handbook launches
2001-12-01Radio Academy – Online Radio
2001-02-02Communications Week interview (Multicasting)
2001-04-28NAB panel with Real, MS and Apple
1999-10-19 articles and presentations
2000-10-25Distributing Digital Music
2000-01-01Scientific American about day-trading
1998“Sound on the Web”, 3-part series, .Net magazine, Future Publishing
1998“Adding Sound to your Website”, The Mix magazine, Future Publishing
1998-04-25NAB presentation “Internet Broadcasting”
1998Helped to prototype Labour online
1997-07-10Lecture to the British Computing Society – “Broadcasting on the Internet”
1997-05-20Vision & Audio conference – “Internet for Broadcasters”
1997-04-06NVA Virtual World Orchestra
1996-08-26Computer-music – concert in Hong Kong
1995Computer-music – concert in Australia
1994Starks, G.R. & Linton, K.N. (Sept. 1994). “sndSpace: A Graphical 3-D Stereo Application”, International Computer Music Conference, Aarhus, Denmark.
1994Starks, G.R. & Linton, K.N. (Feb. 1994). “A 3-D Stereo Processing Tool”, 96th Audio Engineering Society Convention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Postscript copy).
1993Surveyed “all free music software available on the Internet”