Human Tamagotchi


Human Tamagotchi is a mass-market, consumer controlled interactive programme. It is mass control of human life as dictated by a collective. There are equal opportunities for joy and sadness, life and death.

It is an extreme. It is illegal in most countries. It contravenes the Geneva Convention and every Human Rights treaty in existence.

It is completely cross-platform: TV, mobile, web, print.

Revenue is derived from mobile calls, product placement, sponsorship and advertising.

It is a cross between Tamagotchi and ‘The Sims’. It is interwoven with Das Kapital, Big Brother, The Truman Show, The Game, ‘ferral’ children, and m.u.d’s.

1) A single individual in a closed environment
2) Multiple single individuals in a closed environment
3) The release of those individuals into a controlled environment
4) Control of individuals in a public environment

The format is envisioned to be long-term, with unlimited scope for conceptual and revenue development.

The TV format presents an individual in a closed environment: a room, bed, basic sanitation and a single light. There is a window, but it is blocked and locked. There is a large door with a hatch. There are various sockets on the wall.

The participant wakes in this darkness, confused, not knowing where they are. They stumble around the room (filmed in IR) until they find the light and switch it on.
They are given no input. Frustrated by their environment, they bang on the door, shout, try to raise awareness.

Eventually the hatch opens and a telephone is provided.

They plug it in and it rings.

They are informed that they have been kidnapped and implanted with a mind control chip. Their reactions are no longer their own. They have no control and will be experimented on for an indefinite amount of time.

They still have memories.
They are self-aware.
They still have emotions.

They will be provided with [items].

Everything in the room is filmed 24×7 and broadcast on TV and online. Viewers are informed that they now have control.

Over time, the audience are given more ‘things’ to offer, depending on the status of their HT. They will decide on the provision of

o Time (time can be accelarated or decelarated)
o Light (on/off/skylight)
o Heat (too hot, too cold)
o Air (fresh, smells)
o Water (drinking, washing, soap)
o Food (healthy, unhealthy, poison, medicine)

Over time:
o Noise
o Sound (recorded speech played into the room from various sources)
o Music
o Newspapers
o Books
o Training / Tasks
o Quizes
o Computer / Mobile phone
o Household items

Votes are polled and collated from SMS and web votes every 5 minutes and the net vote implemented.

Is it post-holocaust torture environment; an unethical psychological experiment; a spa for relaxation? It is a prison in any case.

There are other participants in adjacent rooms.

Initially these are sound-proofed from each other.
Phase 1: Solitude
Phase 2: Awareness of other sounds in nearby rooms
Phase 3: Window on other rooms
Phase 4: Open doors between rooms
Phase 5: Opening into a closed, controlled ‘house’ environment
Phase 6: Opening into a closed, controlled ‘street’ environment – “a living soap”
Phase 7: Opening into an open world, but still with viewer control – “God, the viewer”

One of the ‘subjects’ is a double-agent, and has their own control.

Viewers have to interact/use the service to gain deeper control. There are many levels of ‘viewer’:
o Operator (votes on tasks)
o Administrator (can create new types of task)
o Communications Manager (controls dialogue)
o Researcher

Broadcast must be truly live, without censorship.
Provide a panic button. Or not.
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Choose your life preferences and try them on someone else.

The largest expose on the human psyche ever, apart from life itself.




The way it works is that each homeless person, ten in total, has been fitted with a tracking device, so the buyer, or owner, can follow them 24/7 through an exclusive app, “effectively converting the homeless into a real-life Pokémon Go or human Tamagotchi.”

2018 Video (although now removed), screengrab below