France :: Acoustic Cosmology

If you are near Poitier or Bourges next week you are very welcome to come along to a small festival of music and science..

I’ll be giving my first “Acoustic Cosmology” talk on Tuesday 30th in Poitier at 6pm, and then playing in Bourges on the 3rd Feb.

Context of my presentation:
“A conjoining of languages, Acoustic Cosmology is an attempt to describe sonic worlds: moving beyond a music of the spheres to acoustic sculpture within an n-dimensional space.”

Presenting just before me is Dominique Proust, author of “Harmony of the Spheres

Links (mostly in French)

Bandits-Mages festival
Session: aller-retour/science-music

some more details

Many thanks to Aidan Keane and Andrew Newsam for their input into this.