GLA takes bold steps on climate change

This is great, another “hat’s off” to the Climate Group, and the Greater London Authority.

DIY Planet Repairs is a public information campaign calling on Londoners to reduce their carbon emissions by making six simple changes to their lifestyles.

Amongst their campaigns, although a bit buried in the website is a green Concierge service …

“To make your home a green home, follow these three simple steps:

  1. call the helpline 0800 089 0098 and we will listen to how you want to make your home greener
  2. we will do a home check-up where an expert will come to you and look at how you can make your home more energy efficient
  3. we will help you make your home greener by offering a project management service to help organise any improvements recommended by our expert.”

Making it easy for everyone to engage is an excellent thing.