Live Earth

Live Earth is live. I’m wondering what it’d be like if it’d been held by Global Cool instead of Al Gore… my weekend would certainly have been a bit more stressful for a start – the original reason GC hired me was to put together a webcast “not dissimilar” to Live Earth, but GC didn’t make it happen.

A bit weird to see a lot of the ideas we put together 12-18 months ago on screen.

Also interesting to see sponsors MSN and Chevy – and Chevy really plugging their new “eco friendly” 30mpg cars… 30mpg… it’s amazing to see 30mpg plugged as in any way “good performance”. MSN seems to just be plugging the Zune (sigh), but good to see Philips doing the light bulb “pledge”, albeit using a multi-megabyte flash animation instead of Pledgebank

Still, I’m very intrigued to find out how much tangible difference an event of this scale might make. It’s certainly not easy to predict.

One geek factoid – MSN are also heavily plugging Internet Explorer in the webcast, with a different version for non-IE browsers. Screenshots below (click for full resolution);

The welcome screen on Firefox:

Live Earth browser compatibility

The webcast console on Firefox:

Live Earth Firefox

The webcast console on Internet Explorer:

Live Earth IE