“Extreme sharing is a political act”

What Alex has created in the Algorave movement is quite remarkable.   He’s ‘cracked the code’ [literally] of how to transform coding into a live creative art form.

This is something I tried to write about in my [1993] Masters thesis — I went into a virtual reality context, trying to enable the construction of any form of codified instrument in a VR environment;  exploring questions about what a performant interface might be if you had unlimited possibilities.

Alex has instead created something very useable, accessible and enables many thousands of people to explore and create a different way of writing.

Beyond creating the code, and helping build a diverse and open community, he’s touched on the fact that this is a response to a shifting cultural landscape:  “if you share something it grows in value” // “extreme sharing is a political act”

Algorave embodies the principles of a different way of thinking.

In my corporate presentations, today, I talk about data “increasing in value the more it is connected” (rather than “being the new oil”).  I suspect we are still at the beginning of this particular socioeconomic unpacking.

[disclaimer: Alex is also a friend, former colleague, and was musician in residence at the Open Data Institute]