How Will We Be Long?

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli is Lord Mayor of the City of London from 10 November 2023 until 10 November 2024. Michael’s working theme is ‘Connect To Prosper – The Knowledge Miles In The World’s Coffeehouse’: to celebrate the many Knowledge Miles of The Square Mile.

“Knowledge Miles: The 695th Lord Mayor’s Lecture Series” is an online webinar series that explores the connections of the Square Mile and its roles as “The World’s Coffeehouse” addressing diverse global challenges.  Ref:


As a Longplayer trustee, my role is to help us think through what our long view might be. Here I will recount some of our thinking and ideas from over the years. 

Longplayer helps us ask many questions about our world and our role in its future. It helps frame questions that are much bigger than us — but they are not ‘infinite’. The time-bound nature of the project leads to many different questions: what might be happening in the future? what might our role be? what might our impact be? how might we communicate across 40 generations (if a generation is 25 years)? what will be happening on its fifth thousand-year loop?