Sonar 1 — Open Banking insights

Open Banking (and Open Finance) is in development around the world. To help share knowledge, keep people connected, facilitate discussion and accelerate learning, Dgen is providing an ongoing global horizon scanning service.


Our process is continuous, systematic and participatory, including direct interviews and connections with global leaders in the field.

We will deliver actionable insights by combining market intelligence from around the world.

We will also highlight and document where alignment can be transformed into common principles and practice, and potential agreement around globally relevant approaches.



Written output(s) will include, on a quarterly cycle:

Horizon Scan
  1. Executive summary and briefing of developments
  2. Who’s who: a directory of participants
  3. International review including AsiaPac, Europe, Americas.
  4. Policy: what are the emergent directions in the regulatory space?
  5. Standards alignment: what are emergent or common design patterns?
  6. Global agreement: what is being agreed, in principle and in practice?
  7. Timelines & maturity: what is ‘now’ vs near, medium, and long-term?
Specific issue focus, for example:
  1. Governance: review and brief on governance structures
  2. Digital Identity: review and brief on Digital Identity vs Open Banking & positioning
  3. Consent: models, issues, compliance
  4. Communications: emergent language, common approaches
  5. Risk: exploring issues around risk, mitigation and responses
  6. Financial analysis
Open Finance
  1. Review of strategic directions emerging around Open Finance

Support functions

We will also:

  • Provide relevant discussion, research and insights
  • Be available for consultation on, and review of, questions that may arise, including bridging such questions into the global community for discussion
  • Convening networking events (e.g. online meetups) and online networking tools

The Dgen Constellation contains many Open Banking experts and practitioners from around the world, and is led by Cynthia Rudge and Gavin Starks


Subscribers sponsor this work via an ongoing quarterly fee:

T1: Government, Enterprise, Trade Body: GBP£5k per quarter (approx US$7k ; NZ$10k)
T2: SME:  GBP£1k per quarter (approx US$1.3k; NZ$2k)

Other user-type or need? Want to discuss contribution? Get in touch –

Terms — Version Effective Date: 2019-11-01