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Global Cool launches

wow. we did it. we built and launched it on time. to the minute, as they walked off stage…

It finally (soft/beta) launched with a couple of “people of fame” (Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth). After years of planning, we ended up getting the funding “weeks” ago and built everything online in 4 weeks from scratch.

So, the 20 hour days will now cease and my time will now be occupied with marginally less (or more) busy days dealing with the ongoing development of the project.

A huge thanks to everyone on the web development team, who have proved (again) that we can actually achieve impossible tasks.

Special thank you to;

Diggory, Chris, Joel, Francis, Anna, Andy, Andrew, Peter, Enrico, AdrianP, Phil, LeeA, Joanna, Gage, LeeM, Rakesh, Matt, Dan, PaulH, PaulM, David, Richard, John, Athol, Steve, Ashley, Marc, Ben, Tom, Chris, Tara, Laura, Fahaad, AdrianH, Matt, (, VTR, Jerelang, Makeni, Counting Thoughts.

I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve been able to implement Creative Commons and GPL licensing as a core part of the project, integrate with Pledgebank (which is superb!)

I’ve got the responsibility of being “head of internet” which seems to translate into more and more every time, so if you have any ideas about what you think we should add, tell me.

I want to build this into The Place where you manage your carbon lifestyle and make a difference to the world.

I’ll write up some more about *how the hell we did that* soon … but first, sleep….

Oh, but did I mention we launched in English and Japanese?