Global Cool v0.2

So, we just launched the next iteration of Global Cool – a combination of a more funky redesign, the launch of donation system, and most importantly, the launch of the Global Cool Tonne (“A Tonne of Cool”)…

Thanks to Andy, Naresh, Dave, Ralph, Matt, Ryan, Jenny, Anna, Adrian, Chris, Joel, Dig, Marcus and Paul.

Donations will be used to support United Nations-approved projects such as renewable energy projects like building and running wind farms, and energy efficient initiatives such as buying power-saving light bulbs for third world hospitals.

Nothing is perfect, but I believe the UN endorsed schemes amongst the best and are geared to benefit those most affected by climate change…

As far as I know, we’ve managed to create one of the best frameworks out there. Each UN project has a barcode, and gets audited so, one of the things we can do is bring greater visibility to those projects (not all of them work, and need public scrutiny). Rather than being buried on the UN site, we can help bring broad public eyes to projects that may help apply the right kind of social/media pressure to monitor the evolution of this very important sector.

We’re watching. We’ll help other people with the watching.

We’re also retiring. I don’t mean shy, or due to fabulous wealth. One objective is to retire carbon from the markets. This potentially has a more impact than investing in “future projects”. Taking carbon off the existing markets reduces, and may even stop, companies from just buying their way out of the problem – the markets are currently capped. The sooner there is less for them to buy their way out with Carbon credits, the sooner they have to pollute less.

Now all we need is millions of people to join in with all the initiatives out there and we might just make a difference.

And now? Onto v0.3…