Global Cool at Number 10

Global Cool at Number 10: transcript

Blair, “I think this is just a wonderful initiative that I hope will inspire people the world over. It is a big ask, mind you, to get a billion – it is a billion, isn’t it? – to sign up to making a change in their own lives. And the reason I think this is so important, it is not just obviously the importance of the issue itself and all the recent evidence is that climate change is happening, it is happening very fast, it is having a serious impact already and it will have a far more serious impact in the years to come if we don’t take action to reverse its impact, and I am afraid simply keeping the emissions level stable is not going to be enough, we are going to have to reduce them significantly over time.”

Milliband, “Development is a non-negotiable. What we can say to them though is you can either have a high carbon path to development, which is threatening to you and to us, or a low carbon path to development which can help all of us battle this global problem of climate change, and that low carbon path to development, that choice of hydro-electric power, of solar power, of wind power, of wave power is feasible if we in the industrialised world are willing to help finance it, and that is what we have got to do.”

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