Global Cool launches

So, today is the official Global Cool launch day.

Expect a fair bit of coverage tomorrow in the UK and USA.

Here’s some coverage that’s already out there:

PR Newswire

The Sun

Yahoo UK and USA

However, one important correction – Yahoo is correct when it says “[Global Cool] is being funded by a consortium of blue-chip financial institutions, which have set a target of $250 million in support of its ten-year campaign” rather than The Sun’s “Big business have donated £120m to support the campaign”. All donations are gratefully received!

Some discussion is already on the BBC Newsnight group and BBC6 and a nice diversity cropping up from people like The Scotsman, Between Planets, Hugg (EcoRazzi), Ultimate Guitar, EarthTimes

Hope you enjoy the new site, and this is just the tip of the (proverbial) iceberg. We have a lot of work ahead.

For example, “the campaign would be sound-tracked by none other than former Doors frontman, Jim Morrison.”

“The London briefing will be followed by a reception at 10 Downing Street with Prime Minister Tony Blair and 50 of the world’s top business and climate control leaders.”