Significant Hi-Fi geekery (hopefully my only such post) – ATC SCM100A’s – the Rolls Royce of loudspeakers (as used by BBC, Abbey Road and many of the best studios). This pair were bought from Presshouse Studios in Devon, where they’d been used by the likes of Jethro Tull and Portishead…

I used an ATC setup in Glasgow Uni concert hall over a decade ago and always remember being completely astounded by the results.

We just watched Lord of the Rings (which was mastered on the same brand) and it’s amazing – a 10-foot screen, the SCM100A’s as the primary stereo pair, SCM10’s as surround and a center channel (all decoded from a Nakamichi AV10).

Now I have to listen to my entire music collection again to see what I’d missed… it really is like listening to velvet.

(The “A” on the end of the SCM100 means they are ‘active’ – they weigh in at a mere 65Kg each, with a dedicated power-amp per driver (200W, 100W and 50W for 12″ woofer, 3″ mid and 1″ tweeter – thus a total of 700W between the 2 speakers…)

Then I need to work out what to do with the slightly smaller, but lovely, scm10’s and scm20’s that I already had…

(SCM10, passive, only 9Kg each)

(SCM20, passive, only 18Kg each)

Final speaker pr0n below…

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