Google has launched an AMEE-based gadget

I’m obviously very, very happy about this.

When we first began our AMEE journey, we thought it would be perfect if we could get buy in from Government and very large web organisations; that doing so could help establish a new set of principles and possibly new kinds of “market” around Climate Change.

Google brings a level of visibility to our efforts that I believe will help to move the agenda forward – to create a neutral, open, common platform for CO2 data and profiling. Their buy-in to support the AMEE platform is both far-sighted and timely.

As Carbon Trading (and Personal Carbon Trading) shoots up the worldwide agenda, we hope that our approach will help aid transparency, trust and neutrality.

Over 250 organsiations and individuals have contacted me so far, since June 2007. Their combined efforts will help carry AMEE and/or its approach forward into many applications, online and off-line, and internationally.

Personally, it’s also rather wonderful to see d::gen ranking next to some slightly larger organisations in the implementation, as described here.

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