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Arctic could be “Ice Free” in 5 years

“latest modelling studies indicate northern polar waters could be ice-free in summers within just 5-6 years.” [BBC]

This is following the trends of most of the research I’ve been following, and it’s more than alarming. It’s based on 1979-2004 data – in other words, NOT including the low-point of this year.

This research is from US Scientists, at the same time the US is now the ONLY industrialised country refusing to agree to tangible cuts. The Austrialian PM commented

“There is no plan B; there is no other planet any of us can escape to.”

Which brings me to this piece by Stephen Fry,

“… you see the one overwhelming fact about the great climate debate is what’s at stake. Not scientific reputation, not the fortunes and comforts of capitalists and their populations, not pride or reputation but our very civilization.

… For the eco-believer it’s no-lose situation: we all survive if they’re right and we’ve acted on their belief, we survive if they’re wrong and we’ve acted on their belief. Whereas for the eco-denier we survive if they’re right and we’ve done nothing but we perish if they’re wrong and we’ve done nothing.

Doing nothing risks everything and gains comparatively little, doing something risks comparatively little and gains the whole world. Surely you’d have to be an idiot not to back the believers in this instance.”

and this gem,

“It’s all very hard and I’m not even sure that I can claim that I do my best. But I am doing my best to do my best. If that sounds weaselly and flabby and cowardly, that’s because it is.”

which sums up what we actually need to do

– “I’ll do my best to do my best”.