EDF rewards customers for using less fuel

EDF are providing bonus schemes to customers if they provide easier access to their data (fuel consumption), and then additional bonuses if they reduce consumption. Its a good stop-gap until smart-meters kick in and, of course, something that AMEE already supports.

Here’s how it works

* EDF email you 10 days before your quarterly bill is produced
* You read your meter and submit your gas and electricity meter reading(s) on-line within 7 days
* For each valid quarterly meter reading submitted on-line, EDF will give you 250 Nectar points per fuel
* If you reduce your energy usage from one year to the next, EDF will give you a further 1,000 bonus Nectar points for each fuel – That’s a possible 4,000 Nectar points in a single year
* You can check your energy usage every quarter using our on-line ‘Energy Tracker’

We’re going to see a lot more of this.