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Tip of the data iceberg

In City AM

[Re: Why Open Banking is the next finance revolution]

As co-chair of the original Open Banking Standard, it’s great to see the progress being made — and we fully expect this to extend into Open Finance (spanning insurance, pensions and investments). However, access to data in consumer finance is just the tip of the (fast-melting) iceberg. To respond to the impact of climate change we need to apply lessons learned to business data — to make data-at-scale work harder to deliver innovative financing for a carbon-zero future. With COP26 being held in the UK this year, we have an opportunity to combine our industrial strategy, climate targets and data infrastructure to shape our investment strategies, reveal efficiencies and better understand risk. Sorting out our ‘data plumbing’ will help power world-class analytical capabilities (e.g. artificial intelligence) to help our financial and environmental worlds align.  

Gavin Starks,

Founder, Icebreaker One