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What three things? These three things.

Three climate actions you can take today.

One of the challenges we all face in addressing climate emergency is “what can I do that would actually make a difference?”

As individuals, we often feel powerless to make a difference (we need to heat our homes, eat, travel, etc. and it’s tough to really reduce our consumption). Surely it’s up to the finance community to direct money to net zero? Yes, but we are not powerless. On my journey over the years, I’ve spoken to many hundreds of people from the most junior to the most senior to politicians.

My one takeaway is that everyone needs ‘permission’ from someone else (their boss, their board, their shareholders, the members of their, their voters). On one level this ‘outsources’ the responsibility to someone else, but it also points to where the influence lies and leads me to think that the biggest financial impact we can all have as individuals is to do the following three things.

Ask your bank, insurer & pension provider

  1. What are their net-zero commitments? (and what do they mean)
  2. How will they demonstrate them? (progress and success)
  3. How is CEO pay tied to net-zero success? (and what happens if they fail)


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