some themes emerging

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Thinking about the sea and webcasting and music and long playing things and cosmology/topology and […]

Cape Farewell

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Cape Farewell sets off today with a slightly different crew to norml; including Jarvis Cocker, KT Tunstall, Laurie Anderson, Ryuichi Sakamoto and many other remarkable […]

Sea ice – update (sept 2008)

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(source: The Arctic sea ice cover appears to have reached its minimum extent for the year, the second-lowest extent recorded since the dawn of […]


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The core of dgen, 30th April, 22:54:19 up 370 days. #reboot complete A bit like my brain feels.

Play me, play you

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Billboard says “CBS Radio and, both owned by CBS Corp, have teamed up for closer collaboration on their respective radio initiatives. Under the agreement, […]


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Interesting convergences:…/global_threat_multiplier “…calls for an integrated response to climate change and the wealth-poverty divide.” “A government study has finally acknowledged that making data […]

RIP Arthur C. Clarke

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Sad news today. Clarke‘s three laws; 1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he […]

Solitary / Human Tamagochi

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I was hoping that I was being ridiculous when creating the “ultimate reality TV show format” – Human Tamagochi – in 2001… but apparently Fox […]

Amazing video site

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This is great (GB) || awesome (US); “PAD.MA is an online archive of densely text-annotated video material, primarily footage and not finished films. The entire […]

Crazy week

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Set course for 2008…. I’ve blanked out the specifics, but each blue box is a meeting… it’s going to be a busy year.